Saturday, January 23, 2010

Latest Art Catch Up #3 Last One!

This is about 4x6 in. graphite pencil drawing, wanted to have another pencil drawing and had a great frame for it. It didn't take very long at all. I know you have seen this scene before...guess this image is burned in my brain-wonder if the actual scene will ever be revealed to me....I also like to draw this because of the shading involved, though I never seem to be quite satisfied with the stone......Cris asked why I wasn't pleased with my last drawing of the purse, scarf and earrings. I thought it too monotone, shouldn't have started out with such a dark pencil but once I had completed the purse I felt like I couldn't lighten up the rest too much.

Today I have worked with the "Canine Messiah", he's on an antibiotic and hasn't wanted to eat very much, got some down him, gave him his stomach medicine, benadryl, antibiotic, out for a short walk for his sniffing fix and a little business. Gathered clothes for wash, I swear I would bleed lint, now get a shower, take VG to seamstress to have straps on dress fixed for her dance next weekend (drama on that story in future), go by framers to pick up mats and canvas framed then back home to work on my two 8x10 fruit paintings. I also will take some time to do a heart for Haiti, told VG she could do one too! Hope to get online later tonight or tomorrow to check in on everyone, you all sustain me.

Please be sure to check out the Skywatch Friday post just below and Apollo's post today below that!!!! They are both new today also!


  1. You are so busy it boggles my mind how you get it all done.
    When did the art have to be in for the show?
    I still say you last drawing was wonderful as is. but being an Artist I know how you feel. We are never totally happy all the time with our work. I hope you have time to stop and breathe soon.

  2. oh and yes this is a wonderful drawing too.

  3. Take a deep breath, you are all caught up. Happy DOT, SWF, and you have a nice drawing here. Good shading.