Monday, February 23, 2009

Award Winning Weekend.........

He seemed to look at me as if I was a foreign object.
He was beginning to relax and accept my prescence.
It was a fairly busy weekend around the house for me this past weekend. I kept thinking that I would get a little art accomplished, if I did, it was in the form of cooking and baking. I baked cookies, banana bread, made pizzas, homemade buttermilk biscuits and a wonderful pasta. Yeah, must have used up all the 'conversational veggies' last week! BigBoy was home from school and that usually keeps me hopping in the food department! I had wash to do and also took VolleyGirl to practice.

Last night I watched the Academy Awards, I like to see the fashion, the hair, the characters......I've only seen one of the nominated movies but have heard much about most of them. Being a bit of a newshound, whether it be politics, entertainment, music, world news.....or just call it nosey, I like to be up on it somewhat. I went to the recreation room where VolleyGirl was doing homework. She had the big screen tv on the awards. Dudley was a bit relunctant to share 'his' couch with me. Obviously, he managed to let go and relax a bit!

I do have an image in my head that hopefully will appear on paper before the day is over today. My thoughts drifted to Mim a couple of times yesterday and a softer, more peaceful image has come to mind.


  1. yes boys/young men have hollow legs, they sure love to eat. sounds like fun.

  2. Boy, you were busy in the food department! I'm so not good that way. I hate cooking. I did make art mostly all weekend, except for laundry.
    I did not watch the awards. Sorry, but Hollywood seems so phony; so not in touch with the real world. Perhaps that is why the public likes it. Fantasy.
    I think about Mim, too. So sorry for her and her predicament. It's a tough thing to do, letting go.
    Hope you can find some time for art this week.

  3. Cute cat.
    I watched the awards too. mostly for the clothes and controversy. lol
    I dont think I will ever see any of the movies I am afraid.
    I am like katie not into cooking. but I wish I could be but it is frustrating to me. You were one busy lady this weekend. :)

  4. Yup. That's a cat for ya.

    If I'd known there was going to be an exhibition of Bollywood dance at the end I might have tuned into the Oscars... at least for that much of it. The rest? Probably not so much.

  5. Love your kitty - we had a Himalayan Siamese for 12 years - he was our buddy :-}