Monday, February 9, 2009

Opening My Heart To You.....

I want to have some fun with quick draws of various heart shapes this week leading up to Cupid's Holiday this coming weekend. Allow me to share as to how these pop into my mind. Shocker! I struggle to stick to healthy eating and am cursed by an addiction to sugar! For better health and enhanced beauty (rolling on floor with laughter at that one!) I still want to lose pounds. SuperSpouse (Mr. Artist Unplugged) enjoys those conversational hearts candy during this time of year and buys them frequently. Naturally, all my mind can go to is that sweet, heart-shaped drug lying in the bright pink and red bags screaming my name! Ok, THAT sounded a bit extreme but uh, they do. Last time I ate them without even reading the cute quips printed on them! Oh, doom- what have I come to? I have resisted their little whimsical talking heart- shaped bodies so far for several days. However, in my head there is a big screen running pictures of "forbidden foods" with a big, red slash through them and then pictures of what I should eat instead. So...............just what would some of those "friendly" foods look like if you were to mold them into those tasty, sweet conversation hearts???? I hope to post one or two each day until Friday..........then it's off to a 2-day volleyball tournament this weekend!


  1. Oh isnt that the truth. The more you try to ignore them the more they call to you. I love it. Shaping food into hearts. I cant wait to see what you come up with. :))

  2. I may have to post my artichoke heart! (check out my etsy shop to see it.)
    I've been wanting to post it but I've been waiting for the right time.

    I love these...great job!

  3. Great idea. Great fun. I loved them.

  4. se are such fun. and i laughed so at this post...roflol. (does your hubby know that he is mr artist unplugged?)

  5. LOL to your comments on those candies!!

    These are neat little valentine sketches.

  6. Soul, my husband does not know that he is Mr. Artist Unplugged, nor does he know that those candies scream at me.....that would more than likely concern him!


    This is too funny!

    For me, it would be Easter and JELLY BEANS!!!!

  8. cute drawings! about the sugar. i avoid it as much as possible......and wheat. makes a huge difference. once you stop sugar you stop the cravings for it , if you can believe that.

  9. I am LOVIN your healthy convo hearts! I've always been a choc girl myself, but I know how awful sugar addiction can be.

    Maybe we can start a Sugar Addicts Anonymous group...

    Hope VolleyGirl's tournament went well & your road trip was a good one. I've got one more week of author preparations before I can take some time off. My feet are still hurting from last night's event!