Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Healthy Hearts and........... "Poem"

Continuing the theme on conversation heart candy. Here are two more "healthy" versions of the hearts, "Let Us Be Together" and "Love You Bunches". My attempt of a poem based on my dysfunctional relationship with the little devils.
Screaming fructose laden hearts galore,
stop calling out my name!
Though hands clasp tightly over ears,
you're louder all the more!
The buds you tempt snap to attention,
a flash of weakness I do fear.
The price of failure certain pounds to gain,
foolish brain - it's not water retention!


  1. Boy, You ae really getting all these fruits and veggies to behave and be healthy. Creative idea.

  2. My husband writes for a national fresh produce publication. I'll have to show him your heart fruits and veggies!

  3. Great take on hearts. I love your poem. I hear them screaming too. They don't listen to me any more than they do to you.

  4. This is cute! You really do have a fixation with the little buggers, don't you? I'm that way with spice drops, orange slices, and jelly beans. Hey, they're fruit, right?

    Your fruit and veggie paintings are adorable!

  5. i really like this idea, keep going girl!

  6. I am laughing even harder than yesterday!!!

  7. These crack me up. Very inventive and what an imagination. :))

  8. how fun are these veggie paintings??!! and the poem is great too!

  9. I like that "a pastry tried to pick me up" - what a riot!