Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: A Week In Retrospect

This is pretty much what I live best buddy tickles me before leaving again.

Omg......looking around with my smushed sniffer is to die for! It's my next favorite thing!

I like to lay here in dad's study when he is working and also come to find solitude when he is not comforts me.

I admit to watching a little of the junk box sometimes. I find it bores me to sleep.

Sometimes mom gives me bites of dry food for snacks....I know she has some so I'm just going to smoosh my head right here between her leg and the chair arm just to be sure she knows I'm interested!

This chair is super comfy but even I have to stretch out between my naps.

It is just more comfortable when I sit on the side of my hind end instead of straight down.
Very often I just have to stretch out in the floor, sort of loosens up my spine I think. It never fails mom is trying to get a picture of me. I'm trying to relax and just go with the flow. Dad has been gone overnight a couple of times lately and that bothers me. I keep a close eye on the door and like going outside alot more. Mom seems slightly irritated with that, I don't know why, what can lift spirits more than turbo-sniffing the ground when you feel a bit blue? Women, they confuse me............


  1. maybe Moms feelings get hurt because she thinks you love dad more. She's crazy about you too, you know!

    I love how you look on the oriental rug pattern. Quite artistic! And the yoga stretch you're doing on the chair...good boy!!

  2. hello my lovely darling boy. i love every single photo of you, in whatever postion and wherever you are. and i am so jealous of big boy and mom and dad who get to pet you, so i come and visit often to see you again and again. from a lovesick fan.

  3. You really have a comfy life there guy; belly rubs, the best chair and lots of love!

  4. Now I know what they mean by, It's a dogs life. :))Not a bad life at all. :)

  5. Apollo, you are a character! My cats want to know when is THEIR day? It's good that you have such a wonderful life. Don't work too hard, though.

  6. Don't worry guy... they confuse us all. But it's okay. They mean well.

  7. What would we do without these beasts, they wind us round their paws...................

  8. A life we could all cope with, if we had to, I think.

  9. Oh Apollo, I can see why your Mom can't refuse that sweet face begging for treats.

    You are the king of the house. I can tell by looking.