Monday, February 16, 2009

Look Inside My Head.......

This is a mere thumbnail sketch of this past weekend's events.
Let it be said that I strongly dislike driving somewhere using directions and looking for exits while cars are speeding by on five lanes of traffic. Confidant at having accurate directions that any trained circus animal could follow...........but it never fails that the roadsign I see ahead has a choice of east or west, or north or south, uh, excuse me, why was that teeny-tiny little tidbit of pertinent information not noted in my directions? Trust me, I ALWAYS make the wrong choice in those situations! I honed my skills at getting off an interstate at the next exit, turning left and getting back on the interstate going the opposite direction. Once again proving that repetition is the key to perfection, I performed that aggravating task no less that four times during our weekend escapade out of town for a volleyball tournament. I was never lost.....thank goodness. Safe to say, 93.8% of my time driving was spent with my body feeling extreme anxiousness or stress. The "Lord, Please Lead Me To The Correct Turn Prayer" was repeated a couple of times. While this type of driving is unpleasant, at least I was not fearful of an accident........that is.......until I went to the outdoor shopping and dining extravaganza that EVERYONE was going to on Valentine's Day weekend!!!!! That is where I used the "Heavenly Father, Please Don't Let Someone Hit My Van Prayer" alternately with the "Please Guide My Wheels To A Parking Space Prayer". My intention is not to offend...I really prayed. These may not be printed in your prayer book but they are chiseled in my handy "Stupid-But-Really-Important-Real-Time Prayers That I Say In My Head Book Of Prayers". It is a paperless book stored only in the zig-zag crevices of my brain where dust would gather but it doesn't only because it is an enclosed space.
Don't think I don't know what you are thinking. Why didn't she mapquest her directions? I did. However, Mr. Unplugged, (also known as SuperSpouse but this name seems more fitting for this mundane, run-on story) informed me that I did not need to take those directions, they would take me through unsavory parts of town that we may possibly not return. This was stressed numerous times, "do not turn right, you will be shot if you turn right!" I remembered that. (Footnote: Upon arrival home I was informed that I would be given a taser and attending a class would be required, that they come in pink too) He goes to this town very often for work and this is how I should go, hence, the interstate directions, minus the east, west, north, south trivial notations. HE knows it so well, I do not, I NEED to know these things! Refer back to statement above: I ALWAYS make the wrong choice, we're going south, need to be going north, etc., etc., etc. Note: Conversations that occurred by cellphone in this story have been omitted for lack of space......ha.
VolleyGirl was a bit under the weather when we left and only worsened over the weekend. Our two excursions from the hotel, excluding the drive to the college for the tournament, was to go to a restaurant to pick up food to bring to the room on Friday night and then Saturday night back to the same "shopping sardine-can traffic" location to eat with some of the team. Both nights, it was back to the room and for VG, to bed. The team did better than I expected but sadly were a few points short in a couple of games.
The photos above are of VG passing and a jump serving. This is my first attempt at a zen. The middle circle is a volleyball, this is the vision I had in my head last night when I sat down. Yes, I took my sketchbook, colored pencils and pen with me over the weekend but I did not feel like doing any art, probably would have been hostile art. I was in the room nurturing and trying to relax.
Finally, it must be reported that I was a victim of assualt this past weekend by a few hoodlum brownies AND a bottle of coke (not diet, industrial strength). Sigh. I was weak, and lacked the fortitude to fight back. I am in recovery today. It will take me another day maybe to visiting your sites since both VG and Mr. are off for President's Day. Hmmmm, what town is next.


  1. I remember these days. My daughter played volleyball. Fun but hectic times. I can't tell you how many times I have been lost with a few teammembers with me and everyone anxious about getting there on time etc. Just be careful and try to enjoy it all.
    I love the zentangle. It is so appropriate.

  2. Too funny! Totally understand about the directions. Hopefully you will feel like doing your art again soon.

  3. OH! It happens to the best of us!
    But don't feel bad- the bus driver for my son's hockey team missed the PA. turnpike exit (OK- So did we- but there was no sign for it, and it looked like a turnoff to a parking lot!) and because this was a full size coach bus, there wasn't much choice but for the driver to continue on (my husband did an illegal turn to get us back in the right direction.) Unfortunately it meant that the boys were about an hour delayed. They ended up in Phili somewhere, before they were able to get on the correct road.
    I used to do alot of driving without the hubby to tournaments with the girls, and I hated that tense feeling I always got. I could relate to your thumbnail sketch, too!
    I hope VG is feeling better? She looked good in the photos, and however you had the camera set for the zoom, along with your ability to shoot at the right time, resulted in pretty good shots.
    Hope you are relaxed again.

  4. You are so brave, girl! I know the feeling. I can travel across the country with only a roadmap, but let me try to get around in a foreign city, Whew! No can do. All these snakey interstate twists and bridges are the pits! I don't envy you. I get lost every time, usually in the "unsavory sections" too.

  5. this is such a great post, i hate driving anywhere!!

  6. Oh we can get lost ANYWHERE. In fact we dont go very many places as we would probably not be married now. LOL Put us in a car with a map or mapquest and I say right and he goes left and before you know it we are lost and blaming each other... arrgh. :}
    Hope you wind down before the next trip. You need a metal for bravery while driving in unchartered territory. :))
    Word verification is..shipto. maybe you should ship them to next game. LOL

  7. I have been lost so many times in my life that my daughter bought me a GPS and it is now my best friend.

    Too bad about the assault but I know you suffered through it! lol

  8. Oh, and I love your zentangle!

  9. especially finding the directions in new places is a very difficult job..

  10. The "Lord Please Direct Me To The Correct Turn Prayer"... LOL! That's great!

    I'm pretty much a champion at seeing the correct turn just as I'm passing it.