Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Eyes Have It

Raymonty requested that I draw some eyes. It has been difficult to find art time the last few days but I did manage to do these in colored pencil. Working on something else right now, hopefully I can get back to more eyes, not satisfied with these. The Canine Messiah had me getting up repeatedly to get him out of mischief, that frustrated me My doodles are usually eyes....okay, that does not sound right, but you know what I mean. Usually I only do the right eye, well, that would actually be someone's left eye! Something else to work on......................the more I see, learn and do..........the more I recognize how little I know!


  1. I like your eyes. They are looking right at me. You got the highlight in the eye so well.
    I like your last sentence about the more you learn the less you find you know. lol

  2. Thanks Cris, they're sort of cartoon like. Yeah, I find out just how ignorant I am, I had a clue but wow!

  3. Your eyes are really well done as to shape and highlights but those lashes are to die for! lol

    I wonder what there is about eyes that makes you doodle them.

    I so agree with the you learn, the more you know how little you know.

  4. The more we do, the little we know! So true in some cases!
    I like these green eyes.
    I love doing eyes too, mostly animal ones though!

  5. Cue the Sugarloaf song! (No, not that Sugarloaf song... You know the one I mean. Don't be dense!)

    Nice job on these. Getting both eyes -- especially full-frontal view -- is tricky.

    And I think it's true of any pursuit that the more you learn the more you realize there is to learn. May it always be so!

  6. Well 'Artist', we have your 'eyes' posted to Raymonty's experiment in artistic concepts for the Google Blog community here on the Internet. . . . . I invite everyone to contribute their creative concept.

  7. These are great eyes! I think they look real. Very expressive.
    I used to do eyes, back in high school. I had not remembered that until now. I used to like to draw the girls from the "Archie" comic books.

    Isn't it amazing how much more stuff we can keep learning?

  8. Soulwindows:) these are so great, and green! Very expressive too!
    Thanks for your comment on my Paris Ma Muse blog, you know don't worry about the language, I guess these are for everybody!
    And oh, how fun it is to follow the life of this cute dog, I love how he makes you understand that he wants some dry dog-cookies:):)

  9. What a great eyes... Very artistic touch, strong line yet alive... Love it....

  10. I like these eyes. Every doodle, every drawing teaches us something. I have been thinking about doing a series of bird eyes. They are so intersting. Many have lovely colored skin around their eyes.I like color.