Friday, January 2, 2009

The Last Christmas Drawing, Kid's Pics and Sticky Buns...

The candle was quickly done in pencils late one night just before Christmas. Apollo is in hog (or dog) heaven when BigBoy is home, he wouldn't be still so his head is blurry....VolleyGirl posing in some of her new clothes....Claus brought her a new camera, why she's using mine.....both would be horrified that I posted their pic. Apollo, the "Canine Messiah", would feel he deserves more!Finally, probably my last "holiday" baking. I made sticky buns for the first time New Years Day. They were easy, sticky and yummy. If anyone's interested in the recipe, let me know...I'll post it!
Putting away decorations today and pondering my resolution for this year: Clean out this house! It is just one (sadly, there are many) thing that stresses me out, too much clutter. Every closet, drawer, nook and cranny needs going through. In past I have gotten rid of items and then came upon an occasion when I wished I had it, can't let that scare me cause too much has got to go! The difficult thing is that I will have to pace myself due to the back, knee and fibromyalgia, and now club volleyball starts up this week which means running VolleyGirl around and sitting on bleachers. Resolution: I will complete at least one project a week. I also will be back finishing and framing the "Maytagaramas". I look forward to moving on to other paintings, drawings and want to do some watercolors. Okay, on to the tree.......


  1. that apollo is going to such a hit on dot. can't wait to see him every week....i lurv him, he's soooo adorable...cheer up now, you've got me and lots of people will come and visit from dot and you post more, we visit more,and i will post about you and aplollo tomorrow on my dor post.... no more stress, remember none of this will matter in 100 years. lotsa hugs.

  2. I thought I had left a comment. but maybe not. Sorry. I too am doing the cleaning out and reorganizing of things. and trying to make myself take apart the day bed I so love so I can have a studio.. Must be the season. Do it now before it is nice to go outside and you dont want to be inside cleaning. lol
    Love your dog. such a cutie. I will try and comment better. Got kind of lazy during holidays and company.