Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Update

Christmas has been busy, shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, washing, running around. I feel like a mac truck slammed into me but I so far made it this far! I admit to being one of those that struggles during the holidays mentally but the busyness helps that though it hurts physically. SuperSpouse, BigBoy, VolleyGirl and I have had a wonderful time and will continue making memories for a week more before BigBoy goes back to school. The weather has continued to be atrocious with rain but it let up enough on Christmas Eve and Day to give us a dry holiday! I'm still not ready to return to cooking but apparently the Christmas meals have worn off and they are all hungry....

I have been unable to sketch or paint and have a bit of clean up to do before I can. Here's a very quick and rough pencil drawing I did right before Christmas. Christmas photos to come soon!


  1. Hi,
    May this holiday bring us new inspiration...
    Wishing you happiness & health... Happy New Year 2009

    Cheers, Leet

  2. Hi...

    I just receive your email (photo of your son. Sorry just reply that email right now. I will make the painting of your handsome son

    Cheers - Leet

  3. interesting that you also feel 'down' at this time, i will send regenerating thoughts to you while you send some to me. hugs.xx