Sunday, January 25, 2009

What I've Been Up To Lately

This is some of the playing around I was doing late last night. People/portraits are not a strong point of mine. However, I love doing eyes and those are found in the margins of my notes, papers in a meeting, on the paper tablecloths with crayons in restaurants...whatever. I would like to improve my "people skills" of the drawing kind, I don't have any issues of the socializing type, thank you very much! The bottom one are some from photographs of VolleyGirl, but not all of them.
I spent a couple of hours cleaning out and totally reorganizing the drawers and cabinets in the rec room where my painting space is. I am sooooooo proud of getting that done even though I paid the price in the back for the rest of the afternoon and next day.
Next up, trying watercolor for the first time in too many years...then back to my acrylic "Maytagarama" paintings I must complete. Yes, I procrastinate those things I do not enjoy.


  1. These are interesting. I like to do eyes too. these are good.
    I spent time going thru desk drawers this weekend too. Looking forward to seeing some or your watercolors.

  2. I love doing eyes! Lips and noses are hard...and putting it all together is harder still :)

    Very nice!

  3. Drawing is never wasted time. I can tell you're really enjoying these.

  4. You are very good at drawing faces, these are so very expressive! Keep going! They are wonderful. Love the one with the many eyes!

  5. Great faces! I am definately NOT good at people. I used to like to draw Betty and Veronica, from the Archie comic books, back when I was in high school, but that is as close as I've ever come to actually doing people.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your watercolors.