Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Apollo Meets The Colored Pencils

Last night mom was sitting with me in the den and I noticed something very new to me on the table. I am quite the inquisitive type, you know, checking out every vehicle that passes by when I am outside, every little noise. This seems to irritate my family, they like me to take care of business and move on but, oh, I digress! Anyhow, this object peaked my curiosity and I decided to check it out. Usually I can get by for a quick step up on the arm of the chair but I am always made to get down. This time I managed a little touch at the table, kind of checking it out to see if there was any possibility of getting a closer look at this item on the table. To my disappointment mom made me get down....but she was kind enough to get the item down and hold it for me to look at. Let me tell you.......I don't know what that was so I proceeded with great caution! See for yourself! Excuse me, did you just say I was a 'fraidy cat'? I'll have you know I am a responsible, cautious, ferocious bulldog! Mom......they called me a 'fraidy cat!' Happy Dogs On Thursday to everyone!



  1. Oh thats too cute. How did you get your own vidio on there. I should do annie with she is jumping for her ball. Thanks for showing this. :))

  2. What an adorable story from your dog. It's amazing how smart these dogs are! :)

  3. Thanks for telling me how you did the video. I will have to try it with my camera. And yes Oils are my first love. I've used them for years and know them like the back of my hand. I just started using colored pencils a year ago off and on. Oils just take so long to dry that I wanted something colorful and quick. Will see how I like acrylics. Alot of the colors are the same so I can mix colors like my oil paints.

  4. Oh those scary colored pencils!!
    This is adorable!

  5. He was protecting you from the vicious pointy things! Good Dog!

  6. aaaw man aaaw man, apollo, i have heard your voice, i am in bullie heaven. haapy dot (late) and you are so ooooooo cute!

  7. Ahh what a funny but cute dog!
    Dogs can always touch my heart.
    Thanks for your comment on my fathers death and for visiting my blog.
    All these things were of comfort to me!

    greetings Marianne