Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post "Gift" and Welcome to My Bedroom.......

The post in memory of my dad was chosen as "Post of the Day" by David at Authorblog. I am very touched, twofold, since the post is about dad and that David is a squeaky-clean, new visitor to my blog! Many have dropped by as a result of his kindness...I was very pleasantly surprised when I checked my site this morning to find more comments, thanks David.
Just wanted to share a couple of pics that I neglected to post on dad's post- these are two pieces, well, three if you notice the one beside the dresser that our tv is on, in our master bedroom. The dresser and a chest of drawers were in dad's bedroom that became ours, the armoire is from plans I drew out for him, drawers are behind the doors. There are two bedside pieces that I had him make but the tall lingerie chest is particularly dear because he brought that to me when I returned home from an unplanned ten day hospital stay after surgery for a twisted intestine (I know, maybe TMI!). It was a scary experience for my parents. It was a surprise gift!
Please read the post about dad below if you haven't already.
Thanks to everyone (new and not as new) who have left comments on dad's post, I am truly touched that you were touched.


  1. These are nice pieces. Do I understand you right. He MADE these?
    wow. A very talented man.

  2. Yes, just a sprinkling of what he made. Thanks Cris.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your parent.
    It's clear where talent & creativity are came from. I hope your kids could appreciate you more than you do to your parents...


  4. oh i do like old furniture like this. they are both beautiful. what a truly artistic person he was.