Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Street Festival Scenes

Pictured below is my "booth", first time ever to be put up. It was very windy all day, many times I thought of a piece flying off and impaling the back of my head!!!! No pieces ever fell, price tags were snowing however.

Some of the Madison Belles passing by, loved there hooped skirts and parasols.

Paintings from booth across from mine, she won best work in festival.

This was just two booths down, stained glass, beautiful work. She won best booth.

The sweet man right beside me had oil landscapes.

Not too far from Artist Alley was the children's area, this was towards the back end of it.

The view to my left.

We had a blast watching all the babies and dogs walk by, VolleyGirl stayed with me all day. These two were interacting right beside us. Didn't sell much, several snowman orders. It was definitely a learning experience. None of the photos are from Main street which was the major road for the festival. These are from around the section for art dubbed "Artist Alley". I didn't venture too far and leave VolleyGirl, figured that would be the time someone would have questions! May be participating in another on October 16th IF they accept me. I will be creating some more Christmas pieces, finish my 8x8 painting, more snowmen, one from all the SEC teams and particularly schools nearby. More zentangles. Would like to have a couple of more paintings but probably will not have the time. If you want to see some of the pieces finished up for the festival see my previous post.


  1. WOW...must have been a great learning experience. All the Best for your future ventures... Hope you have a great sales too...
    Thanks a lot for ur comments...Would love to see you pop up at my place now n then:)

    Good Day!

  2. Hey AU, sorry I haven't been by to leave a comment in a while.

    I am so glad you got pulled back into art (as well as those fabulous cakes!), and I love the Christmas goodies, as well as those beautiful landscape and still lifes - I thought your header pic was a photo - Stunning! It is wonderful to see how you have developed as an artist.

    I can see how proud of your fabulous children you are - How beautifully they are turning out, and you must be also proud that your son is also making his life from art - How talented!

    You mentioned you are dieting a while ago and I hope that is going well for you still. I steadily ignore my own fatty l problem, but know I should not. As I walk the therapy journey (while training to be a therapist myself) maybe I'll do something about it soon...

    Miss you when you're not around - Lovely to see you and 'chat' with you here in the meantime.

    My love to you and good luck for the Christmas season! I loved your stall and the pictures, by the way - Feel as if I had been there! Take care, much love - Fhina xxx

  3. I'll bet art shows are a lot of work, but they look like so much fun. Glad there were no art work impalings.

  4. I'm sure they will accept you. I agree with you that the stained glass looks superb. Would have liked a closer look at yours. All the best for October.

  5. It looks like you had a lovely show! I'm so glad all your art survived the wind. Your booth and art looked great!

  6. I have been trying to comment since you put this up and I got only an Error sign. FINALLY I can comment... now I forget what I wanted to say. :)) Actually this looks like a big street fair and I wish I could enlarge the pix to see the paintings better.