Thursday, October 13, 2011


This "Dogs on Thursday" post is pre-empted to bring you a special pictorial to honor the 11th birthday of our resident feline.

What the heck?!!? You can't do that to His Royal "Hine"ness, the Canine Messiah, King of this middle class castle, Oh Pampered One, Sun to bulldog world galaxy, Fat Bastard (oops), Master of Household Events, (okay, okay....we get it!!!!)

We just did.

Started getting my checkups at some new digs recently. Finally, a place fitting for the feline franchise - Catisfaction Cat Clinic. Dark cats are so passe'.
Oh my! Such bold, red floors, glass tables, the wonder of it all!

Let me tidy up a bit - in style. It would have been in such poor taste if this were leopard print. Yeah baby, this is my flavor!

Does this angle make my tail look too puffy?
I'm here, work with it.
Kitchen management is not my thing, being nearby is important.

Ahhhhh, love it when all the toys are hanging around just for me to investigate. That tree....why isn't it here all the time since venturing outside to climb one is forbidden?

Here's wishing you eleven more years Dudley!
DON'T let it happen again.


  1. Dudley is definately my cats twin!! I think mine is 12 now. Not sure because she was an adult stray. I adore her.

    happy Birthday Dudley Dude! You look wonderful. And don't take any crap from HRH :)

    Sorry my visits have been so scarce. Thank you for all of yours.♥

  2. I will relay your well wishes to the Duds, Miss Lolo. Sadly, though they may be long lost twins, every time he has come in close contact with another feline, he hissed. Guess he's a loner kitty. We all have things to do, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Too cute!!! Love that long line of dark cats!!!
    Your cat is gorgeous!!! Your dog is cute too. Front and behind!!!!

  4. His Royal Highness will have to allow the Princess her time to reign, and she is very Royal at any age. :))

  5. Hahaha that Apollo! Poor RH had to step aside for one Thursday.
    Dudley looks very handsome! And he always has the smartest things to say , also in your sidebar

    Happy birthday Dudley, her's to eleven more years!

  6. What a cute post. Happy Birthday Dudley.

  7. I'm not a doggie person, I'm afraid, but almost this post won me over.

  8. You are always making me laugh, I love your comeback witt, your posting bits, and the way you eat grits! Hey, it rhymed.....and it's early here.....and I have doused myself with coffee yet.

    Love your post....sooo cute!

    Ciao Bella


  9. Oh my gosh did this make me laugh. Dudley is a near relative of our beloved cat Bean. Bean will have a post of his own one day on my blog. He is probably on his last ninth life...he's always getting into trouble.

    Happy Birthday to your Dudley! And your pooch is a keeper too.