Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Festival Fun!!!

Last Sunday's Lowe Mill Music & Arts Festival was enjoyable! The weather was beautiful, though a little warm. The crowd was building in this view which is looking straight out from my booth. Artists, vendors were set up around the perimeter of a grassy area facing the back dock of the beautiful old building that once was a mill and now houses artist's studios and has areas for art events and parties. Beginning in the spring they have Friday night concerts on the back docks much like was going on Sunday afternoon. This was a fundraiser for the building to help with costs.

I regret now not taking more photos to share, forgot my camera so all of these are with my cellphone camera. This is the back "wall" of my booth. I confess to sitting there enjoying the live bands all afternoon and chatting with those that dropped in to look.

Not a great photo but it illustrates the beaming warm sun of the day and my view standing in the entrance of my booth looking towards the bands.

Here is the same view without being blinded by the sun. This is the same place that I exhibited art on the third floor gallery a couple of years ago. Sadly, the ladies closed that gallery after the exhibit because it was too much work for them. There are a couple of places in that building that one can exhibit and I inquired about them and may do that in the future.

This was the view behind me. I didn't have anyone with me so I had to stay with my booth. Kids were occasionally walking through my booth and under the netting so I really didn't want to leave it. VolleyGirl would have loved it but she had tons of homework to do. BigBoy drove me over and helped with all the set-up before leaving. How did I do? Eh, no one purchased anything and walked away with it but had some leads and have a commissioned painting to do after being emailed from a lady that wants a hot air balloon painting. Cris, I thought of you immediately and that painting you posted last week! Also have a personalized 8x10 zentangle to do for a lady to give to her son for Christmas. A couple of others sounded promising, we'll see. In the meantime I am looking for more places to exhibit, like galleries, the main library, coffee shops, the art league, restaurants now that the festivals are winding down. Also want to post on Etsy. Think that if the work hangs up longer I may get more response. Perhaps closer to Christmas I will get some personalized snowmen requests too. It takes me a couple of days to recover after doing this, you know, catching up with wash, groceries, etc. Worked on contacts yesterday, plan to today, along with getting back to the 8x8 black and white painting. Hope all is well.....will get to your sites now!


  1. Doing a show is very taxing. I am glad you at least got a commission. The holidays will be upon us shortly. Sharpen those pencils.

  2. Looks like a fun day if not tiring. I have 11x14 prints of that balloon painting I should try selling. I also have one pring same size that is on stretched canvas. I got them made up for selling when I was going to put my original painting in the Fair, but we ended up moving instead. Go figure. I hope you got her commission you can do them.

  3. oops.. that is not pring.. but print.. sorry.. lol

  4. I have thought of festivals many times, but like you post implies, it's work and there are never any guarantees.

    Look forward to seeing your black and white work.

    Thanks for your nice commenting on my blog today!

  5. Great fun. Shame about the camera, but the cell phone seems equal to the job.