Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bird Babes of Summer

Twice, nests have been built and babies born. Enjoyed watching them come along. Much bird action in the front yard to keep up with! I watched them learn to fly too, twice! I cannot locate my photos of the round little babies with newly sprouted feathers that didn't quite cover their little bodies. Watched other birds go after them while the mother tried to protect them, made me a little sad. I sure enjoyed watching them and look forward to it next year!

Okay, that said, the VolleyGirl and I are headed off for an overnight stay of shopping and change of scenery! Saturday morning is bridesmaid dress shopping (YIKES, it's drawing nearer!) with the bride-to-be, her mother and the other bridesmaids. Later that day, the hubs and I are off for an overnight trip together as well. Taking my pencils and bristol pad to work on snowmen (maybe).


  1. Love love love birds. And hate hate hate when my cat Bean catches any of them.

    Hope you get lots of snowmen done today!

  2. Sweet watching new life!

    Have fun shopping!!!

  3. Oh great bird pix. Sounds like some fun times coming up and the wedding being planned already? wow. time is flying.. Have fun.

  4. oh how exciting to see these cute little babies!!!! adorable!!!

  5. What sweet pictures. Have a good time shoppping. I know I don't have to tell you that. :) Have an even better time with the Hubs.