Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Royally Rotten

This very goofy photo that my best buddy and I posed for brought some laughs. Hate to say it, but my buddy looks like some prissy cheerleader or something, he can really ham it up. Myself, on the other hand, looks rather cute? I can't do this while wearing my jewel encrusted crown you know.
It was fun playing around in the floor but shortly after....IT happened. What, you say? A little background (cue violins). A couple of weeks ago Dad and BigBoy took me to that place where they stuck me on that little spot that I love to lick. Though they diligently care for me and watched this interesting place, but they don't lick it, I had to go back to that place at the end of last week. They were sneaking a nasty pill in my food (antibiotic). Now, shortly after playing, I tarted breathing weird and then threw up.......and again, and again, and again, well, you get the picture. Wow, did that bring the attention! They love me so much we had a sleeping party together downstairs that night! Much to my dislike, we went back to that place........the people who pet me there thought it was from that pill. So, now, I have a different pill plus a new one! (steroid) I've been feeling better but haven't got to play as much cause in the beginning it would make me do that disgusting spit up.....not very royal at all. Not been my best week but it is getting better......getting extra petting I can tell.......maybe this situation isn't so bad after all!
Love to my canine buds and a word of advice......avoid the pills Annie, Snuffles, Luna, Emma and all you other men's (and women's) best friends!!!


  1. Dear Apollo, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I don't think your footman looks prissy. I don't like to take pills either but I have to every day so I have gotten used to them. Just think of them as very small treats.
    Your friend, Luna.

  2. Ah poor Apollo. Its not nice to be sick. Annie sends her best wishes that you get well soon.

  3. Adorable pictures!
    Love those changing pictures on the side too of your beautiful cat!

  4. oh no, poor baby, i am so sorry for you, nasty things they made you take. never mind, it was worth the attention, wasn't it? love the pics of you two, so special, tee hee never even noticed the cat, am too busy admiring you. love ya apollo oh royal king and master.

  5. apollo, i can tell that you are a very smart dog. take full advantage of all the extra love you are getting right now. and, most of all, get better!

    hugs from julie and presley!!!