Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrations Continue

Yesterday was another festive day, Eli's 3rd birthday! This made three days in a row of celebration! The birthday tyke is in the middle, with his brother, Finn, on the left, and their sweet mom.

Blow that last candle out Eli!!!!

Isn't this the cutest 'sushi' that my niece made for the party! The green 'wasabi' is icing I tinted with her direction.

My niece baked the cake and I offered to make the icings and went over yesterday morning to decorate it. The theme was 'Samuri Jack', the flames up the side of the character on the raised portion are made from fruit roll-ups. The part was molded of rice krispie treats, iced, then decorated. It took a bit longer than anticipated but was great fun spending time with my eldest niece and seeing 3 year old Eli and 4 and a half year old Finn see the cake. We all attended the party later in the afternoon.
It's been another barn raisin' busy week again, aren't they all? Mr. Unplugged wanted to go out of town together for a night, so we went to the casinos a few hours away. It's not my favorite thing to do but we had a really great time. However, I knew that mounds of lovely laundry would be awaiting and since we all went to the pool, cooked out and I made ice cream last night, then we took in the fireworks....well, not a whole lot was done yesterday or today around here so.........I will be bleeding lint the next couple of days. VolleyGirl started a two week driver's education class this morning so I am extremely excited about getting up to get her off before 8:00 for that then straight to volleyball practice this week. That also means the 'cleaning elves' will be responsible for her room that is almost finished....oh, and she has two birthday events to attend this week also and a photo for the team program.
FINALLY finished the volleyball ads last week...$600 dollars worth.....good riddance to that task for another 11 months. Next tasks....back to 'maytagaramas' AND the next art festival is this I dare try to do some small paintings and large zentangles PLUS build a display for it? Hmmmm, not sure, having intense knee and back pain presently, but I really want to. There is good health news, finally had that freakin' abdominal ultrasound last week and I HAVE ALL THE RIGHT PARTS AND THEY LOOK NORMAL...they didn't even comment that I had a fatty liver! Though....I have to dig deeper with a specialist to find out about the elevated liver enzymes.


  1. Wow, parties, parties, parties! You are one festive person. Don't you just love children's birthday parties?

    I think you should do the art show again. You did pretty well at the last one. What could it hurt?

  2. You are one busy Woman!! All that baking. You did bake the cake?
    Glad you got the ads done. My Girlfriend used to have to do that for her Grandson when He was in baseball. Lots of work to not have to pay for it out of ones own pocket.
    Glad to hear all the parts are in there and in tact.
    Looking forward to more Art from you. When you're going to do it I dont know but ....:))

  3. SO MUCH HAPPENING!! Cute cake!
    And I am looking forward to seeing some more art from you.
    I'm glad your test came out well.

  4. love all the sweets on display.....also i've heard that alot of people have that fatty liver thing going on and it's in my husband had it once about ten years ago, and it went away on it's own. can't wait to see your next zen creation.

  5. How exciting, what a life..
    Hope your daughter does ok with the driving.

  6. wow, you guys have been busy! take care!

  7. sooo glad about your good news for the scan, and what a lot going on...what is 'bleeding lint'?

  8. I loved the cake and the icings were just amaaaazing! What a sweet party that must have been...

    I loved your expression, 'bleeding lint' - How charming, and I've never heard it before now...

    Go for the exhibition - It's a great confidence boost, and will help keep you buoyant amidst all the other chaos of our lives...

    Sorry here the fine woozle has also been feeling poorly, with his steroid tablets and all...

    Those pics of him and Big Boy are just delightful... The dog listening so intently - Obviously to you getting him to look at you to take the photo! Fabulous! x