Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hurry Up Sunday!

Today has not been the best of Saturdays for various reasons. The blueberry cobbler I made for BigBoy did turn out well at least, the 'boy' ate almost half of it. Guess it would all be gone if there had been vanilla ice cream to go with it.
Mr. Unplugged did not start the day in good spirits which quickly involved and enveloped me as well. A foul mood such as this morning's makes me work alot and I was on my feet five hours then the pain really kicked in but the stubborn streak did as well. Yeah, I know, stubbornness is not a virtue, at least not in this case, but I could make the argument that it can be a useful characteristic at that for another post.
Just yesterday a friend was telling me about her children "fussing and fighting" as she excused herself to count to ten with one of them. I warned her that it would not get that much better. Today, my almost twenty-one year old son and sixteen year-old daughter set out to prove me right. They chose a bad day to pair the "fussing and fighting" with "sick and tired". They were warned that I was about to scream. Sure enough, "would you two leave each other ALONE!" I've not done that in a long time and fortunately for them it was in a mezzo soprano tone as opposed to a high soprano which I've been known to is very attention grabbing, if not down right painful. Naturally, shortly thereafter, I apologized for yelling at them...BigBoy is sensitive and VolleyGirl, well, she can be too, depending on her mood.
The house is once again quiet. Probably no coincidence that Mr. Unplugged and BigBoy have gone out for awhile. Ahhhh, my blood pressure has lowered, however, the urge to 'scarf' down ice cream has not. Hey, I know it's bad for you but I'm not picking up a cigarette, hitting the bottle or popping a pill. Hmmmmm, maybe I should count to ten...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. There. I still want it.
Okay, though it's close to 9 pm, I will go paint instead, until time for bed.

Note to self for prayers tonight: Please Lord, help my three, ...uh, I mean two children be kinder and more respectful to each other tomorrow and each day after. Thank you for making me a high soprano - just in case they aren't.


  1. Oh Dear. Your post makes me smile, you write so well about these "state of minds" ....I know that while coping with other people's foul moods it's not funny at all, just strenuous and energy-pumping. Not always possible to stay permeable, soft, untouched by anger, zen etc....
    I know this mezzo-soprano and soprano yelling (you made me laugh with this description), kind of "out of body-experiences". I personally find them painful and not liberating at all. Some say, yelling does good sometimes, for me it doesn't. It just mixes all my atoms up until they don't know each other anymore...or so.
    OK just wanted to say that you're not alone with these things:) and yes, in summer people seem to have other things to do than wander the bloglands, I'm no exception.
    Sending lots of love and I'm sure your three, pardon, two kids and grubby hubby are in sunny moods today:)

  2. oh this does bring back memories of long ago for me too... and yes i did consider i had three sons -not two, as hubby was often worse then them...remember this too shall pass, and all too quickly too...teenagers, who would have them??? it's you that i worry about, your health is fragile and you need to stop sometimes and say 'what about me?'!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear things are very tense there, and that you are still in some pain, my petal...

    I think we have a place for you over at Mad Manic Mamas blogspot - It's our blog about parenting teens (and tweens), and if you could send us the occasional posting, that would be just fantastic!

    Am I too late for the berry cobbler - It looks delicious!

    I stopped at one child, because I often felt I already had one Big Baby to look after, never mind the little one!

    Love to you, always x

  4. I have been there with the bad moods of others. oh my it does send ones blood pressure soaring.
    They say patience is a virtue but I think most times screaming is more affective. :))
    Hoping for more sunny attitudes today. :)

  5. I hope today was a much better day for you.