Friday, July 17, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Taking it Easy

Hello everyone! It's been a decent week around here at my castle. The little spot on my leg is taking it's sweet time to heal but not for lack of quality, compassionate care that I am receiving. My desire to eat has become ferocious due to some of the medicine - can't RUN fast enough to the kitchen when it is my mealtime. Not a big eventful week for me, thank goodness, left that to my mom.

Big 'ruff' out to Snuffles, Annie, Luna, Emma, Presley, Friday, Tonka and all you other people lovin' friends!


  1. Hope your leg heals swiftly! I hate to be stopped my mother nature and the betrayal of my own body! <3

  2. Ah, poor baby. Soak up all the attention you can get.

  3. Funny dog shot. Get well soon.

  4. Annie sends her get well wishes.
    Enjoy the Attention. :)

  5. I know what it is like to not feel well. Hope you feel better REAL soon!! =)

  6. aaaaw little sweetie pie, get better soon and in the meantime remember i wuv you. woofs from snuffs.

  7. Poor Apollo, I hope your leg gets better fast. Luna.

  8. haha that Apollo!
    Is he chewing a shoe there....?
    Happy DOT!

  9. I like very much your blog !!!

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    a hug,

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