Sunday, June 1, 2008

Living My Paintings

I have recently been working on a series of paintings for a friend to help spruce up their business site. It is challenging for me in several ways. First, it is a bit difficult to find the hours I need to paint. Second, I am not a quick artist, to say the least. Perfection is my goal, and thanks to "art being subjective", I can say that I often achieve it! I do not have unlimited time to complete my "maytagaramas", as I like to call these. I have been jumping from one to another, so as to not get too frustrated working on certain areas. Hopefully, I will gain much more than just monetary gain doing these. Perhaps I will stretch my abilities, gain some speed and mostly GET MORE DISCIPLINED in my discipline. Did I mention that I am not the most disciplined in my time, I will wander occasionally. Not from SuperSpouse, (footnote: we just celebrated our silver anniversary last Thursday, yes, I married at 12, to explain my obvious youthfulness, heh, heh ) but from my tasks I can wander. In defense of myself at present, BigBoy and VolleyGirl are both home and wash and taxi services have skyrocketed! Point - I have washed 23 loads in the last week...ironic, don't you think, since I am painting old washers? This one is about 70% complete.
Tell me how you like the place now. Thought it was a good time for a new, fresh, clean look for the summer. Gotta paint........right after I check the laundry, run by Lowe's and Publix!

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