Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kind of a Grind

Slowly, but surely, I am finishing these maytagaramas. It is somewhat of a grind, though I am thankful to have the work but am eager to do other subject matter. Naturally, ideas are popping into my head constantly! I am also very anxious to do some watercolor. It has been more than a while since I have done that but I'm game!


  1. Cool!

    I haven't touched watercolors in years. I got a big Wacom tablet and discovered Painter.

    I've forgotten my roots and it's sad...

  2. Hey creative-type dad, thanks for dropping in! I'm enjoying painting so far, will be glad to finish 'maytagaramas'. Needed to bring in some income and have been out of graphic design for almost 20 yrs. No regrets though...if I can pick back up, you can too