Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blurred Areas Are Good To Go

Today I had my mams grammed. It was a man that invented that machine and ex-women's prison guards are hired to conduct the procedure, I know it! I don't think anything spewed out........just felt like it was going to. Sorry for that gross graphic, but, hey guys, maybe you get the picture, ok, you're right...nothing would help you guys, I just got the mental image of a guy with eyes bulging and tongue hanging out side of the mouth. You ladies though, if you are being all that you can be without being in the Army, then surely you have been through this. If not.....GO DO IT! Should have said that first after warning them to stop reading. Two weeks ago, I had my papparazzi test.So..........the way I see it. The two areas that are always blurred out on tv should be good, for now.

Why, you ask, no painting updates, duh, have been too busy lately with deadlines of other things. I must get some painting done in the next few days. Should have the one I am working on complete in a day or two. Check back to see!


  1. ok,had to think about the "papparazzi" for a second...haha

  2. You make me smile. I love your blog, you are just what the doctor ordered for a gloomy day. We need to get you published. I love the art work also! Let's get together soon, I miss you.
    Mary Lynn