Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spin Cycle

"I keep bleedin', keep, keep bleedin' lint, I keep bleedin', keep, keep bleedin lint." Yes, that is a slight twist on a chorus from a popular song. Fitting, I thought. Grand total was 24 loads in a 7 day period! This week looks like it is going to fall into a more normal week. The red photo is one of the "maytagaramas" that is about 95% complete, if the moons light up just right today, I should complete it and start another. The next one, with a blue background, is complete. Finally, I am gaining some speed in my work and learning to do a good job, maybe not perfect, but good. This is a business deal for me and I want to do a really good job but have to find a balance. These are 2x3 foot paintings and are priced very generously for my client. Having a number of them to do, trying not to dwell on my perfectionism yet not compromising my work is a challenge. So far, I am pleased and predict the client will be also.

Yesterday, SuperSpouse invited me to ride along on a day business trip that was about an hour and a half one way drive. We had lunch at a very nice, small cajun restaurant located in an outside shopping mall. SS went his way and left me behind to shop. I spent my time at Ross, DSW, Ulta and World Bazaar. Picked up a couple of bargains at DSW and Ross. It was a nice diversion for a day.

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