Monday, July 7, 2008

Down By the River

I have finished this painting. Not saying that I am overly pleased. May I use that artsy, sound like I am speaking from my aura and say, "My work is a continual progress...what flows from my soul through the brush is much like waves crashing on the tiny pebbles of sand which have been formed over thousands of years, neverending, ever changing and each and every frame of time is different........" Basically, I've never painted a flowing river and I am sure that the next time that I do, it will look better. I do not like people, oh, don't get in a tiff, I mean painting people. I have seen people my whole life but they do not flow naturally from my brain to my brush. I am pleased with her left arm though and hopefully next time I am painting a person they will be lucky enough to have more parts that I am pleased with. Hmmm, that sounded funny. Didn't help my very delicate ego that my kids laughed at thing, she's on her knees washing clothes in a rushing stream! What did you expect, a supermodel? I think the painting has a folk art sort of look to it. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I am getting close to finishing my first round of the "matagaramas", then I get to do them all over again. Gulp...guess you will expect them to look better next time. Hmph, that depends just how my aura feels the day I am painting.

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