Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rookie Blogger Injured In Early Morning Remote Attack!

Somewhere before 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, a relatively new blogger, that created her site in January of 2008, was injured by a flying object. The victim said the morning began much as any other. "I woke up around 6:20 to make sure my daughter was awake to get ready for school." She went on to say, "Since I did not have to prepare a lunch for her, I decided to lay down for a bit longer and watch a little television." "I settled down, lying on my back with my head slightly propped up on my pillow." She stated that her husband, who works at the residence, awoke about that time. "My husband took a few steps from the bed, heading toward the bathroom" she continued on, "I wasn't really paying attention, but I recall he bent over, then I felt a powerful blow on the bridge of my nose, kind of on the right part of it." She details her reaction and what occurred next. "I yelled out his name, loudly." "My husband had bent over to pick up the tv remote that had fallen on the floor." She continued, "apparently he flung (southern term, often used for word throw ) it to return it onto the bed, but, he is so brutally strong, it hit me." "Obviously, I was shocked, and it hurt, yeah, it hurt alot." "He didn't know what had happened. Apparently oblivious to the great harm he had caused in that one quick motion!" She went on to say, "It seemed like a lifetime went by before my husband was by my side to inspect my injury." Talking to the husband, it was evident that he was very disturbed by the harm he had caused his wife. " "Where did it hit you, where did it hit you?", he had repeated as he poked (southern term for a hard touch) around her face, the victim said. She went on to say that her injury has left a bump and a cut, approximately one quarter of an inch long, on the the bridge of her nose, not two inches from her right eye. "I really feel lucky, considering it was so close to my eye." "My husband feels badly and it was truly an accident." "I have only mentioned it a couple of times today and he wonders if I am going to mention it the rest of his life." Apparently, a similar incident occurred in the mid 80's at their apartment complex pool. The husband had attempted to perform a karate move at what he thought was a safe distance from his wife but instead hit her in the nose. No long term injury remained and rarely has the incident been mentioned in the years since.

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