Monday, March 10, 2008

Peaks and Valleys

I am not used to BigBoy being gone yet, not really. He is sick again. Weeks ago, he had the flu and strep while at school. Saturday, he was diagnosed with a sinus and respiratory infection. I thank God for a decent clinic for him to go to on campus, don't know where we would have been without it! What is the deal with his illnesses coming in twos?

I woke up with "Elmer's" eyes yesterday and bloodshot worse than ever. It is very embarrassing looking that way and going to the grocery store or anywhere else. Looks like I have been on a minimal three day drunk or smoking something potent. They look some better today, doctor gave me drops. I have had this happen several times in the past year, but this was the worse.

Yea! I have secured a deal to paint fourteen 24 x 36 paintings and frame them as well. It it not for an art studio or store but two laundry mats. O.K., I am getting started, it's money, what can I say. I will have to organize my time and put in hours every day in order to complete these in my lifetime. They all will be paintings of old washing machines, very old machines. It should challenge me for sure and hopefully speed my process up alot.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my orthopaedic doctor. One of those appointments made six months ago that I didn't even know I had. Will be getting the lowdown and last word on whether to say bye-bye to my favorite left knee this Summer. Now, I must head out to hold my feet to the fire once again......weigh in.....

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  1. Oh no! That must be hard, knowing your child is sick and you can't get to him. I hope you all get to feeling better!