Friday, March 28, 2008

How To Do Much And Still Not Get Anything Done

I am pretty much a master at doing a whole lot and yet still not accomplishing much of anything. I do not have much paint on the canvas for my "Maytagaramas" but in defense I have been left this week with His Royal "Hine"ness. SuperSpouse has a business trip this week and when he is away, I have all the royal duties. (That word really has a dual meaning!) Sorry to go there but since the Canine Messiah had a little tummy trouble earlier in the week, SS and I rushed him to the vet before he left to ensure his good health and therefore I have to play "I Spy" with the HRH's pie and report back to his master. That dog, um, I mean, His Majesty, is strong as a royal ox and I have to take extra care of my back and knees in order to preserve myself and maintain only the best care for HRH! So, yes, I've been busy since VolleyGirl had a lesson both Monday and Wednesday night and practice Thursday night. She wants to be all she can be for school team tryouts coming in a couple of weeks and to continue to further her vb abilities. She would love to play in college.....who knows, still have three more years to work on it and she continues to get better. We are about to begin three weekends in a row of tournaments, the first two will be out of town and the last will be here. Tomorrow will be an painfully early morning as I am to make turkey sub sandwiches for the team and parents. VolleyGirl promised to get ready in time to help me. Sorry, can't risk making them the night before and being soggy.....detest that. It has been done before. I am driving and will have the van full, so it will be fun - really! It's an early morning but it is alot of fun, will be picking up a couple of people so must leave by 5:40 probably....ugh.
Totally on a different note, I read in our paper that the local arts group wants to have a new Art Day every first Saturday of the month beginning in April and probably through September. I want to do that....but vb tournaments will prevent it in both April and May and surgery may prevent it in June and further. I am getting that shiny new knee! I also want to get my resume out for emceeing events and gee, who wants an emcee with a limp....c'mon.....think about it....hilarious sort of.......
I will be emceeing a dance recital again May 17th but I can work around it, will be sitting alot and ad libbing, even when I stand up and suddenly have pain.....thankfully I know how to work with it and make a joke about it. That may be hard to picture but I will be in character soo........
Imagine though, hosting some formal, fancy, high falootin' (sp?) event, host is introduced and walks out.....with a, not on the saw, Doc!!!
Must continue on with my wash, I bleed cotton. Times a tickin'

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