Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby BigBoy Returns to Clinic

Did I mention how thankful I have been that the university has a health clinic? O.K., did I also happen to mention how often BigBoy has frequented that handy little dispenser of medical aid for himself? Alas! You have not been enlightened on the numerous times that BigBoy has come to the aid of one of his roommates, taking him to the clinic and very early in the year, to the ER. If it were not for the thousands of $ already being sent to that university, I would seriously consider sending in a donation to that place! Previously, BigBoy was diagnosed with sinus and respiratory infection. Recalling the conversation, he said he was prescribed a antibiotic, which seemed logical. A few days ago, he complains with the side of his head hurting and his ear totally stopped up, along with all the drainage. Yeah, yuck, you get the idea....I told him not to take anything and suggested he go back to the clinic. In the meantime, find out he was prescribed an antihistamine, not an antibiotic. O.K. Two days ago, he still complains, told him to return to clinic. Today, he returns, badly infected ear - now he gets an antibiotic, at least that's what he says. Tomorrow he comes in for a week off of school, splendidly, VolleyGirl is out all week too......and today from school feeling nauseas. (never could spell that). You get the idea.

Today I decided to cause greater pain and discomfort to my back, knee and hip by thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and bath floor. Thoroughly doesn't mean I mopped it, means I slid around on the floor on my still padded butt and cleaned the cabinets all the way down and the quarter round, washed the rugs, vacummed the den, dusted and finally........set up a Homedics air cleaner. Had this thing for months, figured SuperSpouse would balk fearing His Royal "Hine"ness could have some sort of contact that could possibly harm his sensitive system. HRH is exactly the reason I purchased the Royal-Homedic-Help-Me-Make-the-House-Not-Smell-Like- A- Bulldog. Upon SuperSpouse's inquiry to this hopefully heaven scent do-diddy, quick thinker that I am, I suggested that perhaps the do-diddy would help the Canine Messiah with his sensitive allergy difficulties that so plague the breed. Blissfully and with gusto, SuperSpouse agreed and went on to suggest that perhaps BigBoy would benefit from the blue-glowing contraption............YES!

Finishing up my painting tonight before starting my old washing machines "series". Trekking to find an (cheap) easel to work on the 24"x36" size "Maytagaramas."

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  1. Hope BigBoy is feeling better already. Hooray for gooey pink augmentum! Looking forward to seeing your Maytag portrait collection...

    Thanks for your comments on the work post. I'll never forget a conversation we had before F&E were born in Atlanta at Volleygirl's dance competition. I told you we were thinking of having beasties and we talked about the pros and cons of working after that.

    I'm very lucky to have people in my life who truly want the best for me & the fam.