Sunday, November 13, 2011

Argh! Time Flies!!!!

8x10 graphite and color pencil on bristol board meant to post Dogs On Thursday, SkyFriday and more! Time gets away from me, especially if I get on the computer but I've had other things going on. Big Boy and Mr. Unplugged went out of town over night. VolleyGirl and I went to our favorite Italian restaurant, returned home to watch some tv, all the chick flick type shows. Starting with a couple of episodes of "Say Yes To The Dress" followed by "The Notebook" then catching the last half of "Pride and Prejudice". Okay, had to override VolleyGirl to watch the rest of "Pride" since she's not a fan of period movies and I love them, this is one of my favorites too. She relented that it was good as i kept pointing out the dynamics between them. Then the next day we did some shopping, lovely girl time! I hope to keep up better this week but it's a full one too! Getting Dudley back to the vet with his ears after taking him last Thursday, poor thing, he's so pitiful now, couldn't believe a Dr. wasn't in the office Saturday. Called an ER vet to inquire if I needed to bring him in or if he would be okay to wait til Monday morning. Must get finished setting up my Etsy account, doing some art, cleaning (ack!) and topping it off with a cake for my niece that turns 1.

All that was incomplete on the artwork above was the "surface". Debated different colors and that Wednesday at the open house, woodgrain came to mind. Pondering what to do last Wednesday night I asked my son his opinion. He hesitated, then mentioned wood. Ha! Showed him the pencils I had already set aside and some of the sample color combinations I had tested out. We think alike often. Still, upon showing him the finished piece later that evening, I was a little surprised when he commented that he wasn't sure I could pull it off. Told him to just look around the room. My bedroom is full of oak furniture my father made. Oak was his favorite because of the vivid grain in the wood. The perfect reference was abundant.

Hope all is well, will be catching up again!


  1. Jee what a busy time you had!
    But fun with your daughter.
    Sorry to hear Dudley is doing not well hope they can take care of his infection so he feels and moves better soon!
    Those X-mas ornaments look great! So does the black and white daisy, both amazing work .
    Take care ;)

  2. Excellent. First take I thought it a photograph.

  3. I think you have conqured wood. Good job.

  4. oh wow!!! this is such a gorgeous piece!!!! I love the wood grain!!!

  5. At least your Son didnt try to discourage you even if the didnt think you could do it... but do it you did. Great job! How fun to have some GIRL time and TV/movie time with out the men. :))

  6. Well, I think you did a fantastic job! I don't think I would ever attempt this but you pulled it off very well.

    I see you are not slowing down one little bit. If only there were more hours in the day!

  7. LOVE this painting!!! You did a great job.

    How is Dudley doing?

  8. I keep going back to look at that last photo of the enormous cat. kisses to Apollo please.