Monday, November 21, 2011

Team Spirit!!!

9x12 color pencil on bristol

I am not exaggerating when talking about how big a rivalry it is between two schools that play next Saturday. University of Alabama and Auburn every year play each other last on their schedule. Bragging rights for the year. Auburn won last year, going on to be the national champions. Alabama is ranked # 2 this year and very well may have a rematch against #1 LSU for the national championship. Too bad the game isn't in Tuscaloosa, home for U of A. It is often referred to as "T-town" which would made for a better tag line. Haven't had much experience doing cartoon type drawings but I really enjoy it!

8x10 graphite and color pencil on bristol

This was a commissioned piece from an old college friend to another old college friend for her birthday. She was originally from Michigan and this is for Michigan State. Both of them were once my college roommates. I mailed it to Florida last Wednesday and heard this morning that she loved it which makes me super happy!

Been busy, Dudley's care takes some time, he is still confined and has improved some. Can tell he feels better but his balance is still haywire, though improved. If we didn't have two staircases, both of which have a gate on them to prevent the Royal One from going up, I might would let him out. The vet mentioned that the antibiotics may upset his stomach but praise be it hasn't!!!!!!

Baking and cooking begins this week. The birthday cake was put off from last week until Thanksgiving, will post photos later.

MUST clean, clean out before the explosion of Christmas decorations go up and sadly I dread it so badly because both the cleaning and decorating is back breaking. My family will help, but it is so much. I love the season but it is greatly hindered (and usually dreaded which I hate to say) by this situation. I cannot tell you how many holidays have been spent in pain or horizontal due to this. Should have been doing it all along but I have a procrastinator....ugh. I will not give up, the tree and glee will conquer!!!!


  1. Your drawings are cute. Now don't over do this year. Try to enjoy the holiday.

  2. Yes your drawings are cute. Maybe you ought to let some of the decorating go and just enjoy good health this season.

  3. oh these are so wonderful!!!! I love your work....and I too have to clean and organize everything then....Christmas decorating indoors!!!!

  4. I love it when the competition's big and doesn't overspill.