Monday, November 7, 2011

The View is Black and White....Sometimes

Acrylic on 8x8 canvas

So, the game was what I expected, stressful, tough and unsure of the turnout. Sadly, a disappointing loss, oh well, onward! I finished this first attempt of painting in black and white, I really enjoyed it, maybe because it reminds me of working in pencil. Still in the process of painting the edges black, it's one of the deep canvases. Probably a name for it but don't ever expect me to know the correct name for almost anything......I do remember my children's names (usually).

Like I posted before, the open house at my friend's beautiful home on the side of the mountain was good. Wow, what a view, the entire back of her home is solid two story windows- and the view is breathtaking. Got a couple of shots with my cellphone....not trusty anymore cause the battery doesn't last worth doodly. (shopping for another)

I sold three pieces that day, have an order for a snow family and just this morning have a request for a personalized zentangle......better get my bum in gear!!! In addition, I have two more Christmas open house events to participate in as a result of this, the first one on Dec. 3rd, the following one is at my friend's home again (taking camera!) a week or two later. I want to have more things ready, perhaps some smaller items, paintings, drawings and maybe some tiny paintings to be used as ornaments. A girl can dream! Now all I need is a band of house cleaning fairies to clean around here to get ready for decorating. Once again....sometimes dreams come true.....let's hope. Each day on Facebook I am posting something to be thankful for, can never be overly thankful. Today I am thankful for my family's good health!


  1. Oh what a view indeed!!! so glad you had a wonderful time at the open house event....Congrats on the sales and the commissioned work....that is wonderful!!!! and I love your black and white painting!!!

  2. Love the B&W flower. Congrats on the sales and more shows to put your work in. Are you not working anymore? Well outside the house...Love the view.. wow.. I hope you do remember your camera next time.

  3. The flower is gorgeous!
    I thought of you when I heard the loss on TV. Too bad but they put up a good fight.

  4. Three gorgeous images. And well done, the sales.

  5. Love the black and white drawing/painting.

  6. I love this black and white!! So perfect and detailed and the contrast is fantastic!
    This view is to die for. Love the mountains.
    Hooray for the sales and the orders. You go, girl!

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  8. aw...the house cleaning can wait! just enjoy and keep creating

  9. What a pretty painting...and your views WERE lovely...sounds like you are very very busy...I have always thought busy is good.

    Have a wonderful day!