Sunday, August 29, 2010

Batter Up!

Pretty much spent the past four days preparing two cakes for this past Saturday. The first, a pirate cake for my nephew's 3rd birthday party. Finished it Friday night, party was at 4 p.m. the next day on the mountain. Above is a side view. The "beach" is light brown sugar.

The black "thingies" in the "water" are shark fins out of a semi-sweet chocolate bar. The ship top black section and sails were found at Hobby Lobby for $2 and the pirates came from a cake decorating store. The bottom of the ship was baked in a loaf pan and iced in chocolate buttercream icing, first time I made it. Was so freakin' simple, what we have missed over the past many years!!! The cake is chocolate with buttercream icing.

The next cake was finished Saturday around noon. It was to be for a casual engagement party Saturday night for one of my niece's second marriage. It was a 10' and 6' double layer each of white cake with buttercream frosting which is more of an ivory since I use butter in the icing. The initials are in tiffany blue. The couple were having an engagement party then getting married on a cruise......surprise......they actually got married at the party, to everyone's surprise except for a few. My dear eldest niece gave me the scoop just the day before since I would be party hopping I did get there in time! I went to the "engagement" party alone since VolleyGirl had a team sleepover to attend and Mr. U had sports events he wanted to attend. Upon seeing all the cars at the party upon rounding the curve.....I said aloud, "I didn't make enough cake!" She told me to make enough for didn't matter, but all was eaten. This has been all the art I have summoned in weeks, though my thoughts are that more will be done this week. Not the edible kind. Okay, I take that back. BigBoy's birthday is next Thursday but he has requested lemon bars. Pfffft, must have at least a little birthday cake........
Hopefully I can get around to leaving comments.....been slammed hard (pun intended) with the start of volleyball. First weekend tournament was 3 hours out of town and had to spend the night followed by a 2 1/2 hour trip for a game the following Monday. Games are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week capped off with a tournament on Saturday. I'm in charge of the food table so I get to carry alot of things and food to set up....but it is fun, just tiring. I do hope to work on my time management to get back to regular visits.


  1. Fabulous cakes dear!!!
    You are always so busy.......sounds familiar ;)
    Well you just take care eh!


  2. Yummmmmmmm!!! Such a fun pirate cake!

    The "engagement" cake is/was just gorgeous!

    Your creativity runs deep (and sweet)!!!!

  3. oooh yum yum, what delishus cakes, bet the new cake will be the best one ever.

  4. These cakes are great works of art. I am glad you are having a good time.

  5. oh my, you are so talented!!! That pirate cake is a dream come true for little boys...and that lacey engagement cake, WOW!!!

    Nice to see you popping up here and there. We miss you too!

  6. These are fabulous, indeed! You are a supburb cake maker, and one of the most thoughtful people I know.