Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

"Little" BigBoy is 22 years old today. Promptly arrived on his due date. He was always wonderful to take for photos, always could make him laugh. Only trouble was that he would get so tickled (southern for amused) he would break his pose. He comes home tomorrow for the long weekend. Sadly, he has the crud (southern for stuffy nose, runny nose, cough and sore throat).
This is from last year's birthday. He has requested lemon bars this year....but I'm also making him banana bread. Considering making a strawberry cake too. We'll see. VolleyGirl has the crud a bit also but played great in the volleyball game tonight. She has a tournament Saturday a bit over an hour away, starts early. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, at least all my baby chicks will be in the nest!!!!


  1. More a big little boy now, I'd say.

  2. Happy Birthday to Big Boy. I know you will have a great weekend with everyone being home.

  3. Happy day to BigBoy! Hope it's a fabulous weekend for you and yours as well!

  4. Happy Birthday to BB. have a lovely weekend and don't let the crud get in your way

  5. Sounds like a cruddy week ahead for you! :)
    I remember that cake. I don't see how you could top that!
    Happy Birthday to BB and enjoy your visit.