Monday, August 9, 2010

Tuesday's Bloom

The 2010 volleyball teams, before the spandex shorts are applied.....VolleyGirl, in the cream dress and long mane is in the middle, just right of center.
Yes, another busy summer, filled with a few tasks, performed for the last time: volleyball photos, senior pictures, still learning to drive.....Pictured above are the seniors on this year's varsity volleyball team. These girls have been friends since first grade, they get along so well. I had a good time helping pose all the girls for photos and giving efforts towards making them smile! They are used to my goofiness.
It was sooooooo hot out there that day, we were in the Botanical Gardens. Yep, she's number 10. I told her she looked like a "Breck Girl", but she didn't get it, thoses commercial were before her timeMy BigBoy did the artwork for the front cover of the team's program, the seniors had some action shots taken at the gym. This is one of my favorites.
Last but certainly, not the least, the Senior portrait. Thank goodness there was one she liked! All these photos and not one did she have her hair in natural curls. Having casual ones made in October by a friend cause she wanted to wear more wintry clothing. She is finally driving to school this year, so this makes the first year in sixteen years that I haven't been dropping a kid off at school....I won't lie.....feels pretty good.....well, after I receive her text announcing she has arrived safely! The bloom on Tuesday? It's Rose, VG's middle name, just as mine, after my mother. It's our favorite flower.


  1. What a beautiful Daughter. Shes growing up. Good news bad news. LOL
    Nice you wont have to drive her all over and give you a little time for you. Bad because as a Mother you will worry. I drove to School too. And I am here to tell about it.:))Hope you get some Art time soon.

  2. What a lovely looking girl!1 And she does look like the Breck girls...LOL!!!
    Tha action shot is super.

    Sorry I haven't been by much. Where does the time go?


  3. You must be very, very proud! Excellent post. Loved the header image, too.

  4. These are lovely photos and your daughter is just gorgeous. I can see that you are so proud. I'll bet it will feel weird not having to take someone to school. I remember Breck Girls. They made me want to be a hair stylist when I was a kid, and she does look like a modern day version of one.

  5. You have a beautiful daughter. She sounds like a wonderful person too... how nice to have both!

    RE: the Breck girl.... I remember that!!!!