Monday, August 23, 2010

BigBoy is ENGAGED!!!

high school......
last year.....
this summer..... baby boy is engaged as of a week ago today! It was not a surprise to me, especially since he took my engagement ring and gave it to her. It was given to my mother-in-law for her engagement, handed down to my husband to give to me and now I do the same. Yes, my mother-in-law and I both had a replacement beforehand! They are both graduate next spring and the nuptials will not be before the spring after that, so a long engagement. I wouldn't change a thing about her, she's beautiful, kind, thoughtful, fun, intelligent, hardworking and he loves her as she is so why would I want to? Hmmmmm, what shall her blog name be....I'm thinking "BigGirl" is not going to be the choice!!!!! Back on that one later!


  1. OH WOW congratulations to you all and the happy couple. i think apollo should got and live t
    with them! big girl is a great choice of bloggy name for her. and volley girl is a total beauty

  2. Congratulations to you and Big Boy. What fun to add another girl to your family. BB Girl? What does Apollo think of having to share Big Boys affection with someone else??

  3. Congratulations! How exciting! They make a very handsome couple.

  4. She's a beauty ;)

    How about Big Boy's Girl??

    Congrats to the happy (young!) couple!♥

  5. Congratulations to Big Boy! They look like a very happy couple and I wish them all the best for their future together.

    I agree... I don't think "Big Girl" is going to go over very well ;-)

  6. Congratulations to them both, she has a lovely smile.

  7. HEY HEY!!! Congrats to you, and the "kids"!!
    How exciting! My daughter just became engaged as well!
    Fun times all around!
    Sorry about all the shouting- but it is great news!

  8. Oh what wonderful news! that is great!! Hope you have fun with planning the wedding

    That is lovely about the ring. Such a family heirloom. I have my husband's mother's and dad's rings too, but I have no one to pass them on to. I guess my niece.
    They look like a lovely couple!

  10. Congratulations Big Boy!!!!
    And you for getting such a sweet DIL!
    I think this must be such a good feeling that your kid has found a good person.

    Hope they will always stay happy as this!