Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dogs on Thursday: Special Birthday Edition

Hey everybody! I am finally here to tell you about dad's birthday last Monday! He loves to eat the sugar decorations made for cakes and since his favorite cake is gets them for his cake. She made it square this time, which I didn't care either way cause I just wanted a big bite or at the very least......let the awesome aroma permeate my squashed nose! Best Buddy kept saying it looked like the cakes you buy in the frozen section since it was square.....but hey, I didn't care! IT SMELLED GREAT !!!! Dad did not care at all that I wanted in on the celebration.
Why, he even let me lick on a piece of that scrumptious sugar I KNOW why he loves it so much. I was in 'dog heaven' (not to be confused with 'hog heaven' - please).
Next, I was allowed to help dad open his gifts.......he really likes those bags with the beautiful dogs on them. I was a whole lot of help!
All the birthday hoopla makes a guy thirsty you know. Summer is a run of birthdays around here with BigBoy finishing it up in September. I am counting on him to share all the fun with me, not too worried, after all, we are pretty tight! May all you two-legged 'pets' and my fur-friends enjoy your days, especially Snuffles, Annie, Luna, Emma, Tonka, Presley, Friday, Penny and Dizzy!


  1. Happy Birthday to "Apollo's Dad"!!! Mmmm... you've got me thinking about making a coconut cake now...!!

  2. Happy Birthday Apollo´s

    i like your post


    Fede Hammelinn

    Montevideo - Uruguay

  3. What fun to attend another birthday Apollo. Cheers.

  4. glad you got to telling us about your day. happy b day dad and don't eat too much cake mr A...xxxxx

  5. Happy Birthday, Daddy! Mommy makes the best looking cakes. Send me a piece, will ya? Glad you got to be part of the festivities, Apollo.

  6. Aloha...
    Happy Birthday Apollo's Dad...

    yummy...I would love to have a bite... now I really have to go down from this building to find that cake...

  7. Apollo, your mom is the busiest lady on the planet! I hope someone bakes HER a cake on her birthday ;)

  8. Apollo - you are one lucky and very handsome doggie