Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quick Update

Believe or not, it's busier this week, volleyball practice everyday, last week before school starts, Mr. Unplugged taking vacation days so everything is upside down! We all also have had some sick days. I finished this painting last week and have started another (below).
Please forgive my not getting around to leave comments, though I'm not ready for school to start, things will probably be a bit less hectic. Hope you all are well! Apollo is getting his thoughts together for a post later......


  1. Hi AU!

    Glad to see someone is getting some art work done... 'cos I sure haven't! I'm finally out of the blueberry bushes (phew..what a job it was this year) and back to blogging.

    BTW- love your naughty comment under "Catty comments"... poor Apollo!

  2. Lovely art! And yes, life sometimes interferes with life.

  3. That first picture will look great in someones laundry room. It is good.

  4. You're really coming along on those washer paintings. How many are left to do? You may have been busy but you are getting them done.

  5. Ahhhh...some new artwork! :) Looking forward to seeing more. Things will settle down soon.