Friday, August 28, 2009

A Day (or two) In the Life Of...boring but serves as cheap counseling for myself

Thursday was washing some, painting some then picking up VolleyGirl from school. 45 minute ride to the high school I graduated from for VG's team to play two matches. I ventured around the school a bit since I had not been in the building since. Lots of changes, additions, doesn't look the same, of course. Sitting on the bleachers is already killing me. Did you hear that? My spine is screaming. Home close to 9 p.m.
Today VG did not have school....yippee! Her foot has been hurting. Miraculously when I called the orthopaedic office we could come in at 10. Waiting, waiting, finally left after noon, or later. Eek, what I thought, maybe a strained tendon, having a bone scan to rule out a stress fracture. Keeping fingers crossed it will not be. Lunch plans for over a week with our friends, was fun. To Michael's to buy a 6 inch cake pan to use in the baking of a cake for Mr. Unplugged's parents anniversary. Home, clothes out of dryer, more in dryer, more in washer. Off to grocery store for a bit. Drop off prescription for VG's anti-inflamatory. Back home. Cook some for supper, bake cake, mix icing, crumb coat cake, mix more icing, clean up. Standing for over 3 hours........finish icing and decorating in the to come after it is finished. Will take to my sister-in-law's house tomorrow. She is having her 2 year old's birthday party tomorrow afternoon and it falls on her parents' anniversary. It is a mini three-tiered cake. Never done it, we'll see how it turns out. Oh, did you hear that? It's two part harmony of the spine AND knees screaming. Wash is STILL not complete, yea, more tomorrow. Would it be possible to finish some paintings and do some ATCs??? Committed myself (no, not in that way, though probably needed) to begin singing with a ladies group at church, practice at 5 on Sunday's. They asked a long time ago....need a dependable soprano. I need it more than they do......


  1. I find singing such a stress relief - singing in a chorus has gotten me over so much in my life.
    Hope VG's foot is OK

  2. Oh my gosh. I think you have to get up and quit being so lazy. Geesh ..:))) where do you get the energy? My back hurts thinking of it. I wish I could sing. Not one of my virtues. LOL

  3. I wonder how you would react if your schedule was suddenly clear? If you just suddenly had nowhere to go and nothing to do. If you are like me, you'd go nuts. Why do we A-types feel we have to have something going on all the time? I go from sunup to sundown and fall into be exhausted, but I always do it again tomorrow.

  4. oh yes the choir will save you from the endless drudgery, when i read your posts, i am so glad my sons have grown up and left home..yes glad...