Friday, May 8, 2009

SkyWatch Friday: The 'Ansel Adams' Edition

These photos were taken this week courtesy of 'snap driving', carefully, of course.
This week has been rain, rain and more rain. Today will be - rain, as will tomorrow and Sunday. I'm showing signs of slight mold.........between storms and after them makes for some great photos though.
I can't explain how my phone accidentally was set on black and white.....but I got some great pics before I changed it back and decided to just show black and white today.
One day this week an F2 tornado came through and part of its path was less than 2 miles from us. We were listening to the weather at the time. Some of the area was without power, lucky for us, we were not!
An F2 is a relatively mild tornado, F1 being the mildest. Many trees were uprooted, large limbs down, some windows blown out and a deck blown away. We have been warned for days of trees falling with the oversaturated ground. Needless to day.....everything is super green!!! Weekend forecast: MORE RAIN! Go to for a peek at some awesome sky photos!


  1. We've had the same kind of weather here this week! A tornado hit just east of here on Tuesday, did a ton of property damage, but only a couple of minor injuries and no fatalities thankfully.

    And I appreciate the sentiment, but today's not my birthday, it's two other people's birthdays.

  2. Poor you all that rain would drive me nuts!
    Lucky the storm didn´t hit too hard.
    Like the black and white kinda of give it an old fashion feel.
    Hope you will have a nice weekend!
    cudle up with a book and Apollo on the couch.
    Love your new banner!!!!!
    And the picture of your beautiful cat on your sidebar, looks like my Minoes, except she is old and she hairs out at this moment so doesn´t look that beautiful......

    take care!

  3. aren't you glad your phone was switched over to b & w? it made for some wonderful photos!!! i'm glad the tornado skirted around your home. hunker down and keep dry; the rain can't last forever!

    i'm off to chek out the link!!

  4. Gosh, you get pretty good photos from your phone. I haven't tried to take pictures with my phone much and don't really know how to download them, anyway.
    Yes, we've had the RAIN also. If I was a duck I'd be happy, but I'm not either. Some sunny weather would be nice.
    Glad you were spared the tornado thing. We are considered "Tornado Alley" in our area, but none so far this year. And no loss of power...yet. (Fingers crossed.)

  5. wow for relative mild tornado it does a lot of damage. Glad you were safe. Do you have a basement to go into?
    Yes we have had rain and more rain here..DH is going Crazy. he hates it. Today it cleared up by noon so it was nice to get out in. Hope you have mold retard to spray on you. hmmm what does Green remind you of??? ouuwee ouu..

  6. OH goodness. I forgot to mention your black and white photos. they are Awesome. Your phone new they would be better in B&W. :))

  7. Those are my father's and both my grandfathers' flags. There are others in the family, but those are the ones I could get my hands on.

  8. ....we're soakin wet here in pennsylvania too.....and windy but no tornados, luckily - love the new header on your blog!

  9. looks like london this week...the world is certainly a global village...yay BB is home.yippeee for apollo...have fun, tho' not with the extra chores, as I know how boys LOVE to eat, they have hollow legs!

  10. An F2 is a relatively mild tornado...

    That's just so comforting, AU!!!

    I love your art and your photography, sweetie xox

  11. I am here via Reggie Girl, and now I am curious, what little town in the south are you from...hmmmm Tornados used to touch down one block over from my house as a girl in Carrollton, Texas, and my mom would shove us in the bathtub. Now that I know better, lol

    I love the title of your blog!

  12. I am glad you didn't have to deal with the tornado directly. SCARY. My Dad lost his house to a tornado 3 years ago. A friend lost his daughter and his mind. SAD.