Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Highs and Lows

Yesterday my best buddy and dad were gone ALL DAY making it one of those sad days...
It's like the 'J' is missing from the joy when they are gone and I just kind of forget my position of canine royalty and sort of shlump about. Mom kept snapping that #!*! camera at me.......
Today is fantastic though, with my morning little walk that BigBoy took me on allowing me to take care of business and breathe in those awesome outside odors!
Ahhhhhh, relaxation once again comes easy when all is as it should be in my kingdom. Big woof to all you four-legged subjects, especially Snuffles, Annie, Luna and Emma! Til' we meet again.........


  1. so cute and i can almost hear him schnuffing!!

  2. I love that statement ' the J is out of joy" really funny.

  3. that top photo is awesome!!!

    Looks like a nice walk you went on Apollo ;P

  4. Hey he CAN move.. Look at him struddin' his stride with Big Boy. :)
    I think that lazy act is just that, an Act. Grin.
    Annie says 'Woof' Back.

  5. Hmmm... I see who rules the roost around your house! :-)

    Around here, the ruler of the roost is feline... and he's sure that God placed us (me in particular) on this earth to serve his every whim!

  6. that first photo is amazing, i would love a copy of it for my bloggy gallery wall. love ya apollo, glum or not, just purley love ya!!!xxx

  7. Keep having those wonderful days, Sire. The sun will come up tomorrow.

  8. Poor Apollo, missing his people so bad. Take the "J" out of "Joy" and it's "Oy".

    Funny, Apollo doesn't look like he'd be one to "oy" much.

  9. At least he has a woof over his head!

  10. great pictures, all is well in his kingdom:)