Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: The Play Edition

The power that is felt when I stand up on the arm of this chair. My rightful place, a place of importance. Mom and dad tell me 'no'. What are they thinking? I just ignore them, mere jesters that they are.......ha, make me laugh!
Below is a little video of dad and I playing with my frisbee I think. I love to frolick, did I just say frolick? Whatever, it was fun but then it's time for a little rest. This is my first attempt at sleeping like this. Hey! This is not half bad!
Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! My buddy will be home tomorrow for the summer!!!!! Can you say, 'ten times the joy of food, playing and sleeping wrapped into one moment'? Oh, the ectasy of it just got sweeter! Now off with you until next week! Big woof out to Snuffles, Annie and Luna......squeeze the life out of your day dudes!


  1. I like that power position!

  2. Oh Apollo! You are so cute! Just one more day 'til your best bud comes home! Tell your mama I can relate to the joys, and the increased cooking/cleaning/laundry that come with our loved one's return! We will be picking up a returning one this weekend, too!
    Have fun with Big Boy!
    Also tell your mom, that there will always be something to do- don't worry about not getting it "all" done today. Maybe with this rain, there will be a rainbow???
    I love the header!!

  3. your header is fabadabadoo. oh sweetie pie, i am sooo jellyass of you seeing BB soon and having all that fun without me....think of me too while you are having such da video...BIG woofs from snuffs. and hugs and smooches from sb.

  4. Happy DOT AU. I like your new header.

  5. How adorable is that Video. I like how he ended up shaking hands. Nice game pop. :)
    I love your new header.. Did you do it? Perfect.

  6. Hey Cris, yes, I did the header, still not quite satisfied with it...maybe still too white! Thanks!

  7. The first thing I noticed was that popping new header!! Wow!
    I liked the morning glory too though.

    Love the video of Apollo...adorable!!

    And did you notice when you looked at my cat and roses how much she looks like Dudley? It wasn't her best photo, but still..


  8. Yup. Very regal! And I know he's excited to have his buddy coming home.

  9. Ahhh lovely post and video!
    He sure is a handsome dude!

  10. And you will love, that my OH has just returned from Germany for work, and one of the strangest things that happened to him was that an Apollo looky-likey was sniffing around his ankles in the office (a co-worker had brought him in) and then he proceeded to nibble bits of the baby-foot/table football machine, that they'd just had installed!

    Hounds, they rule the world, non?!xxx

  11. Well, I went through so many of your blogs and read them. I like your sky photos, and what a cute puppy...saw the large hail you photo graphed, saw the drawing you complete while waiting for volleygirl in barnes and noble...and so much more!

    I look forward to following your blog...I get your (or hope I have) . , and totally love it! Today I felt like that . in the haystack of artist at a festival...