Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nomination, Drawing Progress and Drawing Blood....

A big, heartfelt thank you to all that left such sweet comments for the post about mom. Sadly, too many of you commented on losing your mom to cancer also. It is pure evil and has robbed way too many of our loved ones. Thank you David McMahon of Authorblog for the nomination of "Tribute to Mom" for Post Of The Day, I appreciate all the new readers that stopped by from your site. I will get by to all of your sites eventually!
The graphite pencil drawing is a work in progress. Yes, you've seen this seen before around Easter. I have tried to create a little different style to this one. This will be a gift for a friend. BigBoy and I bought a frame Saturday as we shopped in the art supplies. I'll will post it when it is finished.
Working hard around here, trying to keep the hollow boyman fed, trying to get some art time in. Went to my Dr. today, gonna do blood work this week......have the feeling my exhaustion is attributed to depression...kind of hoping my B12, thyroid or something will be off instead, we'll see. Gonna pick myself up by the bootstraps, uh, maybe bra straps, since I am not wearing boots...ha!


  1. Your drawing is awesome as usual. You are a wonderful Artist.
    Sorry you're so under the weather. I hope they find some reason for it that isnt serious and can be fixed up easily. Not fun feeling so down and out. I will be thinking of you. maybe if they get that Alien out...Hee Hee..

  2. Nice sketch,Teresa. Your friend will only be too happy to receive it:)
    I share the same feeling with Cris...you should be out n about soon...let all the sickness, sadness n whatever negative remains be all cleared off you.
    Get well soon. We are badly in need to some of ur great artworks in high spirits.

  3. Really nice sketch.

    Good luck at the doctor. Mine recently told me to stay off the fried chicken (again) - hopefully yours doesn't give you the same bad news.

  4. Depression is such an awful awful place to be.

  5. Winter has taken it's toll on us all, but it should be interesting to see what your blood work says. If I forget to take my B12 for a few days I really feel it! Good luck

  6. You are so lovely Teresa......I find your blog and all of your post so uplifting :)
    I'm so sorry about your mum......my grandmother and great-grandmother to breast cancer. You are right.......PURE EVIL. It is part of my dreams that they one day find a cure for that horridness.
    Steady On girl.......it's gonna be okay :)

    Reggie Girl

  7. I see I have missed a few things here while I was offline. So I went back...a heart-felt post on your Mom, no wonder you got post of the day.

    Love your new header. Hope things are going okay for you.

  8. Bloodwork has all the answers! It's amazing what information is in a chemistry panel and cbc. Good luck, I'll hold good thoughts.

    Some days I don't know if my depression has a hold of me or if I just need a good kick in the ass.
    Usually it's the latter!

  9. I am happy I found your blog...I like your drawing...since my daughters death I battle daily with moving on...well wishes from NJ!

  10. depression is my curse, it comes up and smacks me in the face when i least expect it! here's hoping ....that you will soon be up an feeling full of energy again.

  11. I feel depressed at the moment too. What's up with that, I wonder? Hard to stay focused on art. Sometimes it's just hard to stay "on" all the time. Hope you find a remedy. If you do, let me in.
    Your sketch is so perfect in the details. You are so good with pencil.

  12. Hang in there Teresa! (hey, how did I not know your name before??)
    Maybe it's the time of year, or the rain, coupled with something like low iron, that has you down?? I don't hope for anything wrong with you that a vitamin can't cure.

  13. as usual love your drawing. and really loved reading about your mother. it seems that a lot of her has rubbed off on you.

    about how your'e feeling....one thing about an online friendship is that when you want to give somebody a hug all you can do is write xox. so xox to you! hey, i need your address to send you the coloring books.....if you want them that is. xox again