Monday, September 1, 2008

A Typical Family Birthday

We celebrated BigBoy's birthday yesterday since it's tomorrow and he returns to school this afternoon. I have always made the kids some fun cakes......this one was totally for fun. BigBoy didn't choose this theme like some of his in past - Power Rangers, Golden Retriever, Toy Story; no, this was all me and VolleyGirl's humor. It was not my neatest at's a Mounds cake per his request. I haven't made my buttercream decorating icing for one of their cakes in two years since VolleyGirl had a hot pink polka dot cake. We were SO EXCITED when we found this plastic hunk! For it to have a red "speedo" matching the 20 candle we had found was just too much......pure ectasy that it also matched the "speedo" on the plastic blow up man for your keychain that I also had found. He thought I had found a bulldog for his cake......maybe next year.

Yes, the cake tasted like a Mounds bar!

1 comment:

  1. HA! The speedo guy is bigger than I pictured. It's hilarious!! BB looks especially pleased.

    You must share that recipe!