Monday, September 15, 2008


Today marks six years of a large void that began in my life with the passing of my mom. It certainly has become easier on a daily basis and life continues on heartily, full of blessings galore. Yet, it is amazing how quickly I can begin weeping in sadness. Not sure if grief describes it. Void describes it best. There will always be a large hole in my life that will not be filled. It was her place and only memories run across that barren space somewhat like a movie screen showing home movies. Often I think in situations, "What would mama say?" Usually, it's a humorous quip that comes to mind or a clear expression on her face still so familiar. One of the best feelings was seeing her standing at my front door, holding a basket with something usually early Christmas morning to witness grandchildren discover what Santa left, at difficult times during VolleyGirl's babyhood or just to visit. Simultaneously wierd and wonderful when I make a comment or gesture that is just so her. I may be alone in liking my hands a bit rough-just like hers. Always held her hand before kissing her bye and leaving her room. All I could say, as I bid her final good-bye was, "thank you, thank you, thank you"! Thankful my kids remember you. In memories, you really live on. I know you live, there. If I'm half the mom.


  1. As soon as I saw that picture I could smell her - it hit me in the face. Her perfume when it was a special occasion... her salty-clean smell when she had been working outside in that yellow tank top & shorts... that udder cream she used.

    I really miss her too. Especially lately. She was the first person I called when Sept 11 happened (not even my own husband first.. weird) and we used to go to the quilt show i& Taste of Hsv in September.

    But you are a lot like her. You DO have her hands, and some of your facial expressions are exactly the same.

  2. I lost my mom almost 17 years ago now, I still miss her so much....

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my tribute to my Dad post. I lost my Mom 14 years ago and it took me quite awhile to get over that too. It does get better as the years go by but you never do quit missing them. Sounds like your mom is missed by others too.
    Your paintings are wonderful. I will come back again. Thanks again.