Sunday, September 21, 2008

Leaves, football and, of course, sneezing

Photos snapped last year. Yellow tree at school, while waiting on VolleyGirl. Red trees enroute to school. Hope to use big tree in a painting I will donate to school fundraising gala and used the red tree photo for a painting that I donated to a silent auction Bookmama was organizing.

My most favorite time of year is the fall and there is a cool crispness in the air............eventually.

  • Dead leaves are so lovely.
  • You either are sweating in your costume or freezing, never seems to be just right.
  • Growing up, homemade popcorn balls with molasses was THE best.
  • Sitting in my dad's lap when the witch came on screen during the one-time Fall showing of "The Wizard of Oz!"
  • The lady that always gave us a cupcake when we were trick-or-treating. How do you put THAT in your sack?
  • The old man, rubbery mask that I was so afraid of it scared me even if it were lying on the couch.
  • Elementary school's Halloween carnival........amazing. Dad's hamburgers there and the the fish pond....great prizes!
  • Sounds and smells of the football game.

WEEKEND UPDATE: Volleyball tournament on Saturday. Arrival time: 7:50 a.m. Departure time: Approximately 5:15 p.m. Usually we pack up after lunch, not forwarding out of pool play, this time, undefeated and first in pool play. VolleyGirl was playing awesome. Result: 2nd place finish, big trophy and a butt that still flat from the bleachers.

BigBoy came home. Prepared him food. Helped him Saturday evening with an art project. Asked him last week if he wanted me to prepare him something special, like a cake. "Mom, you know I don't eat that crap" Fast-forward to Friday night after his stomach is full of shrimp, "what's for dessert?" "I thought you didn't want any." (Feeling bad, of course, as a devoted, spoil-your-college-baby-home-for-the-weekend) "Mom, you know, I want you to surprise me." Gee thanks. Lesson learned. Hmmmmm, what will I bake for the next weekend.


  1. Don't you know you're supposed to read their minds??
    That makes me giggle...

    Love your Fall memories! Popcorn balls wold be fantastic right about now!

    Headed to the beach tomorrow, just FYI.

  2. Thanks for sharig your experience. I have 2 that will be off to college in 2 years. Now I their minds and feed them like they were fed when they were home:)
    I bet you miss your baby boy.

  3. sons are always hungry..thanks for your visit to my blog...and good luck in your search for a part time job.

  4. I wish we had trees like that around here. They never really change color.