Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Been Fun!

Bye-bye Olympics. It's been real fun. Except for the rythmic gymnasts, c'mon, that's a bit like the synchonized diving - I was doing the same thing in my yard when I was 8, 9, or 10, jumping around with a piece of crepe paper streamer left over from some event. Throw it in the air, spin around and try to catch it. Ditto for the hoola hoop, toss it up and try to thread your body through it as it came down, pick it up with your foot instead of bending over. Now the rope, same thing, I just thought I was wimping out of jumping when I was swinging it around my head, tossing it on the ground and jumping over it. Always, always, there was the roar of the crowd I could hear in my head! (No, it hasn't just been occuring in recent years that I hear voices in my head!) So there you have it, the birth of rythmic gymnastics, but it belongs in the front yard with the kids like synchonized diving: 1 - 2- 3 - JUMP! OK, granted I was never 8 foot tall with a 12 inch waist and I could not bend my leg over my back and shoulder and touch my bosom, neither could I stand there and simply lift my leg straight up beside my head and slap my ear. Sure, I envy their flexibility, especially since my back and leg trouble are so bad in the mornings and at certain times that I am barely able to properly clean my own backside (wow, that was frank!) . It was impossible for me to watch the routine from the very pose they struck waiting the starting music. All I could see was Will Ferrell or Mike Myers in the pose, I saw, clear as day, the looks on their face and the poses, not to mention the outfit they would choose. Too many years of watching Saturday Night Live (confession: since it began) prevented me from watching the routines with an open mind, just couldn't do it. Wouldn't you love to see Will and Mike synchonize dive?

One more observation at the track. Sure the ladies are wearing the super skimpy outfit so as to cut through the wind and not be held back but what was up with a couple of them having 20 lbs of long hair blowing in the wind? Every other athlete was slicked back, shaved off or shrink wrapped in some way. Don't tell me that didn't cause a major drag? Could they have at least shaped it up in the form of the cyclist's helmets that come to a dangerous point on the back. That just befuddled me. Befuddled, is that a word? VolleyGirl and I really enjoyed the Olympics and I told her they would be back in four years and she would be in college!!! Yikes! Last time the summer olympics she had just started sixth grade and volleyball. Who knows what things will be like next time summer olympics roll around.....hopefully I will still be able to bend my elbow and take in nutrition......................


  1. I like your Olympics comments!Thanks for leaving another comment on my 'infant' blog. Looks like we do have some things in common except I am older ! My 3 daughters have given me 3 Grandsons so far.
    I am still waiting for a fellow Christian to tell me my skeleton art is inappropriate/evil.
    I should put McCain on my Blog but afraid I would scare buyers away.
    Think I'll start another Blog once I figure out some things with this one!
    Have a great end of the summer!


  2. I was wondering the same thing about the Olympic track athletes. That HAIR - what was up with that??

    I, too, medaled in Front Yard Ribbon Dancing. Someone (was it you?) gave me one for my birthday and Po and I danced that thing to tatters.

    Hope to see you tonight!