Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long and Winding Week

I am looking for more time to paint. This wash woman is begging me to finish her...............she literally has only one leg to stand on!!!
VolleyGirl has had one full week of volleyball. Almost a 2 1/2 hour practice Monday, games Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (all out of town), practice Friday, and tournament out of town yesterday. She has also been up every night until 12 doing homework and some mornings getting up after 5 to study more. She's exhausted and not happy, to say the least when she heard there was a two-hour practice scheduled for today. It was a steam room at the gym yesterday, the gym had no air conditioning and no fans. VolleyGirl stated she was so tired she couldn't focus, doesn't surprise me. Today she needs to do Monday and Tuesday homework and get in bed early. Never any time for anything else.
BigBoy is working hard at school and attended the football game last night. I can't express how proud and relieved I am for how well he is doing there. Blessed to the max. Last night around midnight he was starving and had to get 10 soft tacos- poor thing. A football player in class told him of a "hidden" store on campus where he could purchase gym shorts, tshirts, shoes, bags, etc for cheap prices in the large/overgrown sizes. He has spent a portion of his birthday money on it. He tried to convince VolleyGirl she could roll up an men's XL pair of shorts and it would look fine. She declined the kind offer. He comes home this next weekend and I am excited! Already making plans on what to feed him.


  1. 2 1/2 hour practice!

    I can't do anything for that long. My head might explode.

  2. CTD - Thankfully VolleyGirl's head is intact but sometimes I think her coaches head spins all the way around...........