Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brush, Ball, Boy, Bladder, Back, ...........

I am working on this 8 x 10 for the school's big, the Teletubbies are not about to pop up over the hill.....
Still going to games and practice for VolleyGirl. She has been moved to varsity for the rest of their season, jv season is over. Last Friday's practice was three hours. Coach confessed she had been hardest on VG all season. Mother Hen urge to smack her with my my big wing......but VG has thrived this season. Fall break this week, no school....but practice every day!
BigBoy has bounced in today for a long weekend. Has only two days off during this break. There is plenty of food to be prepared...........always fun when he's home - keep your hands to yourself while he eats.
Well into my second week of coughing now. I swear a small chunk of lung came up the other day. Sick of it and so is my bladder. It's not a new bladder, it's been around awhile and the pressure is getting to it. Same with my back. If there were any goo left in my discs, it surely would have ruptured by time, it's good they are dried up. What organ is going to be affected next.


  1. Hooray for Volley Girl!! So what was the deal with the coach? I'm hoping it was that old coaching philosophy - be the hardest on the one with the most untapped potential. I hope you both got some down time in between practices.

    The cotton defoliant is killing me - deep chest cough too for a couple of weeks. Yay Musinex!

  2. Can't wait to see how this one turns out!