Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where Did It Go?

Summer flew by.....of course the kids here don't get a real summer vacation. They just get a small portion of the summer for a break and it has flown by. I took VolleyGirl and three of her friends to the beach and they had a very good time. They ate like BigBoy! This is my favorite photo from the trip.

Today is SuperSpouse's birthday so yesterday I went gift shopping in addition to getting groceries. I have been a cooking fool this summer! I pampered him thoroughly......just hope what goes around, comes back around is really true. I brought his paper and coffee to bed, prepared him a lunch of fried chicken, cream corn, fried okra and green beans. Made him a coconut cake, all from scratch from Paula Deen's grandmother's recipe, AND made homemade ice cream. He was very pleased with the gifts we three gave him. I think he is a happy man tonight! Sooooooooo, I will try to get back soon cause I've used all I have for one day. This week VolleyGirl starts school and practice everyday topped off with a carwash next Saturday. I must help BigBoy get things together he needs for his apartment and somehow get some painting done! I am really anxious to get back to it.


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the good work. Is BigBoy ready to go back to school? Ours moves back next week. Ur Cuz---Kathy from TN

  2. Hey cuz! BigBoy goes to school this Sunday. I still have odds and ends to get for him. He and his dad are working hard to finish a patio....lots of filthy clothes. I'm glad to hear from you, feeling bad for not keeping up with kinfolk, tried to call Aunt Reba this morning but no answer. Kinda been in a funk for awhile. Hope you all are well! Pls comment again!